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TEACHERS: Divine Elements

  • provides daily classroom readings 
  • offers these readings as short understandable chapters 
  • breaks up chemistry into a user-friendly learning style 
  • provides you with a week-by-week guide to the whole year 
  • is Ready Made. This makes life simpler for you! 
  • Also includes God-centered meditations to keep the study of chemistry focused around the marvelous Molecule Maker!
STUDENTS: If you thought you could never understand chemistry, take heart! When studied from a God-centered perspective:
  • you will understand chemistry
  • it will stick with you and carry you through Final Exams
  • provides lessons in short understandable readings
  • You’ll be so happy to have Divine Elements for chemistry help!
  • Give it a try! It’s a fantastic  small investment to make life in chemistry easier and more understandable.

IT’S AFFORDABLE: Most textbooks are hundreds of dollars.                                        Divine Elements is only $19.99 

  • a great easy-to-understand companion to already existing texts
  • or a fresh new primary text
  • especially for classical prep academies, Christian schools, and for home-shoolers.
  • It also makes a handy companion for first-year chemistry in the university setting, especially for believers in Christ!

ORDER Student Edition DIVINE ELEMENTS for $19.99: click here    ORDER Instructor’s Edition for $23.99: click here


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